AI for real business decisions

Ongil supports enterprises exactly when they need them - during uncertainty and in situations with limited data

Senior VP marketing

Consumer Product Goods

"What has contributed to the gain share for Super Haircare last month?"

The increased Ad Spend on Keywords related to "WFH conditioner" has contributed to a revenue increase of $ 67,000

Realtime in depth view of the marketplaces for dynamic decision making

Modules designed for operational decision making. Proactive decisions to beat the competition 

Head of ecommerce

Consumer Product Goods

"Which SKUs should I stock up in the shoes category for the deal day?"

VP - retail banking


"What are the key categories in which I should offer higher cashback for spend lift among 35 - 50 year olds ?"

Augmented analytics throws up the most relevant insights for a given user. Never miss a key insight!

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